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Jade Vets was founded by Los Angeles natives Drs. Christine Fabregas-Arnau, Noosha Kohan and Julio López, who recognized that without great teams, providing exceptional pet care isn’t possible. This is why we aren’t just focused on caring for our patients, but also caring for their people, our team members and communities.

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Julio López, DVM, DACVIM

CEO & Chief Medical Officer

Christine Fabregas-Arnau, DVM

Chief Happiness & Purpose Officer

Noosha Kohan, DVM

Chief Patient &

Client Experience Officer

Our Story

At a UCLA chemistry tutor session is where Drs. Christine Fabregas-Arnau and Julio López crossed paths, realizing they were both on their way to becoming veterinarians. Shortly after that run-in, they worked together at a specialty teaching hospital minutes from campus.

After graduating from veterinary school and spending a few years in practice, they realized they had a shared belief- a thriving veterinary practice not only cared for pets, but also their people and the community. Sharing in this belief was Dr. Noosha Kohan, also a UCLA grad, and together they formed Jade Vets.

A passion for teaching has made them mentors to students, educators to their teams and a resource to colleagues with challenging medical and surgical cases. Aside from veterinary medicine, their commitment to communities and conservation propels them to provide support to local and global organizations making a difference. In keeping with this commitment, Jade Vets awards scholarships to team members that allows them to travel worldwide to take part in conservation efforts.


Our Name

Jade is a rare and highly valued mineral of great spiritual meaning in many Asian and Mesoamerican cultures. It has symbolic associations with healing, eternal life, compassion, emotional balance, being in harmony with nature and helping people reach their full potential & higher purpose. Given that Jade’s qualities aligned with our values, it was the perfect fit for our name.

Our Purpose

To create fulfilled veterinary teams in order to make a positive impact on our patients, clients and communities.


Our Core Values


Exceptional Pet Care- Our patients are our passion


Personalized Client Service- An integral part of keeping our patients healthy at home


Outstanding Team Member Support- Without a caring, knowledgeable and fulfilled team, we cannot provide the extraordinary care and service we are known for


Community Involvement- Helping create stronger and healthier communities for all of us to thrive

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About Jade Vets

Jade Vets is redefining the veterinary practice experience for pets and people- both clients and team members alike. Having a fulfilled veterinary team ensures our patients and their people receive the exceptional personalized care and service we’re known for. Our practices provide a supportive work environment along with equitable compensation and benefits packages, as well as ongoing training and education so all team members can continue to grow personally and professionally. We extend this culture of service by working towards a higher purpose. Whether it’s the tree we plant for each patient, supporting organizations that resonate with our people or through volunteerism, Jade Vets makes a positive impact in our local and global communities so we can all thrive.

Jade Vets- Pets, People, Purpose. Learn more at

Media Contact:

Julio López, DVM, DACVIM (Internal Medicine)

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